First in Indian Science and Technology

* First Hydroelectric Plant: On the Ganganachukki waterfall of the Sivasamudram Falls, Karnataka, built in 1902.
* First City to have electricity: Banglore in 1906 (it was in fact the first city to have electricity).
* First Man in Space: Rakesh Sharma aboard Salyut 7, on April 03, 1984. He was the 138 th man in space world-wide.
* First Women in Space: Kalpana Chawla aboard Space Shuttle Columbia flight STS-87, on November 19, 1997. She was a naturalized United States citizen, and represented the US during the event.
* First Test-tube baby: Durga Agarwal born in 1978.
* First Scientific Expedition to Antarctica: 1981.
* First Nuclear Reactor: Tarapur, Maharashtra.
* First Genetically Modified Food Product in India: Bt. Egg Plant Hybrid.
* First Satellite: Aryabhatta, launched on April 19, 1975.
* First Satellite dedicated exclusively for educational services: EDUSET.
* First Successfully Indigenous Launch Vehicle: SLV-3.
* The first nuclear test explosion by India: On 18 May 1974 at Pokhran.
* India's first reactor and plutonium reprocessing facility: Apsara.

* India's first nuclear tests (weapon explosion): Smiling Buddha, (MoEA designation as Pokhran-I).

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