Indian Railway Facts

Facts About Indian Railway (IR)
* The total distance covered by the 14,300 trains on the Indian Railways every day, equals three & half times the distance to moon.
* Indian Railway has about 63,028 route kms of track.
* Indian Railway employs about 1.55 million people.
* It carries over 13 million passengers & 1.3 million tones of freight every day.
* It runs about 14,300 trains daily.
* Indian Railway has about 7,000 railway stations
* 42 Railway companies operated in the country before independence.
* Electric Locomotives are manufactured at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan.
* Coaches are manufactured at ICF/Chennai, RCF/Kapurthala and BEML/Bangaluru.
* The national Rail Museum at New Delhi was set-up in 1977.
* Stations across State Lines are Navapur (Maharashtra and Gujarat) and Bhawani Mandi (Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan).
* Classes of travel on Indian Railway: Ist AC, 2nd AC, 3rd AC, AC Chair Car IInd sleeper & IInd ordinary.
* Railway Station with all the Three Gauges is Siliguri Railway Station.
* Toilets on Trains were introduced in 1891 (1st Class) & 1907 (lower classes).
* Train with Maximum Number of Halts is Howrah-Amritsar Express (115 halts).
First in Indian Railway (IR)
* The first train on Indian soil ran between Bombay and Thane on the 16th of April 1853.
* First Passenger Train Ran On 16th April 1853 (between Bombay to Thane).
* First Railway Bridge is Dapoorie Viaduct on the Mumbai-Thane route.
* First Rail Tunnel is Parsik Tunnel.
* First Ghats Covered by the Rail lines is Thal and Bhore Ghats.
* First Underground Railway is Calcutta Metro.
* First Computerized Reservation System started in New Delhi (1986).
* First Electric Train ran on 3rd February 1925 (between Bombay VT and Kurla).

Longest in Indian Railway 
* The longest platform in the world is at Kharagpur and is 2,733 ft. in length.
* Nehru Setu on Sone River is the longest Railway bridge.
* Longest Station Name is Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta (Andhra Pradesh).
* In Broad Gauge, the 6317 Himsagar Express (between Kanyakumari and Jammu Tawi) has the longest run in terms of total time. It covers its route of 3751km in 71 hours and 45 minutes.
* The Vivek Express, between Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari, has the longest run in terms of distance on Indian Railways network. It covers 4,286 km (2,663 mi) in about 82 hours and 30 minutes.
* Longest Run for Daily Train is Kerala Express (3054 km in 42.5 hrs).
* Longest Non-Stop Run (Distance) is Trivandrum Rajdhani (528 km in 6.5 hrs)
* Longest Railway Bridge is Nehru Setu on Sone River (10044ft in length).
* A bridge linking the International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT) at Vallarpadam with Edapally in the Kochi backwaters is the longest railway bridge in India at 4.62km (33 spans of 20m, 99 spans of 40m).
* Longest Tunnel is Karbude On Konkan Railway between Monkey hill & Khandala (6.5 km).
* The Charminar Exp., Godavari Exp., and the Andhra Pradesh Exp. were among the first to get 24-coach rakes, followed by the Grand Trunk Exp. and the Tamil Nadu Exp. They are the longest passenger train.
Largest in Indian Railway
* Mughal Sarai in New Delhi - Howrah route is the largest railway junction in India.

Shortest in Indian Railway
* The Shortest Station Name is Ib (Orissa).
* Shortest Run Route between Nagpur to Ajni (3km).

Busiest in Indian Railway
* Busiest Railway Station is Lucknow (64 trains everyday).
Oldest in Indian Railway
* Oldest Preserved Locomotive is Fairy Queen (1855), still in working order.
* The Bangalore Mail has been running in various guises since 1864 (1862). It is the oldest running train.

Fastest in Indian Railway
* Indian Railway's Fastest Train is Bhopal-Shatabdi (runs at a speed up to 140 Km/ph)

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