Provisions for PWD & Visually Challenged Candidates

The provisions for persons with disability (including Visually Challenged Candidates) are as follows-

i) Twenty five minutes compensatory time shall be provided for Paper – I and Paper – II separately. For paper – III, fifty minutes compensatory time shall be provided. These candidates, on their request, will also be provided the services of a scribe who would be a graduate in a subject other than that of the candidate. CBSE will also provide the Test Booklets of Paper-I, Paper–II & Paper–III in Braille in those subjects only which are printed in English or English and Hindi along with usual Test Booklets as provided to other candidates.

ii) The Persons with Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates who are not in a position to write in their own hand-writing can also avail these services of scribe by making prior request (at least one week before the date of UGC-NET) in writing to the concerned Center Superintendent. Compensatory time and facility of scribe would not be provided to other Persons with Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates.

iii) The candidate has the discretion of opting for his/her own scribe or has to request the concerned Center Superintendent for the same in writing at least one week in advance of the test. In such instances the candidate is allowed to meet the scribe a day before the examination so as to verify whether the scribe is suitable or not. Those candidates who opt for their own scribe have to produce the scribe before the concerned Center Superintendent along with his/her certificates of educational qualifications at least one day before the test.

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